LED Rechargeable Cubes

LED Rechargeable Cubes

Wooo! It’s party time, and this party will be the one everyone will be talking about. This is the party to end all parties! So what has given it such a legendary status? How about the amazing colour changing furniture for starters! The Rechargeable LED Cubes are the ultimate in mood lighting. Place them anywhere you want and watch them amaze your envious friends. When the lights are low the white cubes will glow any one of 16 static colours, gentle phase, flash or strobe depending on the effect you require. The cubes are also sound responsive, so turn up the dubstep (it’s what all the cool kids are listening to these days) and watch them flash in sync with the music. There is no need to worry about drunken guests tripping over wires either as there aren’t any. The settings are all easily changed via the remote and it even has brightness settings so you can soften the mood if you want to be a bit more romantic….aww. Maybe partying isn’t your thing and you're just looking for some awesome mood lighting. The Rechargeable Cubes will be a great addition to any bedroom, living room, garden or even office. Each cube will give you 5-10 hours glow time (depending on which glow setting you use) and take between an hour, to an hour and a half to recharge (via the mains adaptor supplied).

Price:  £39.95 from  red5.co.uk

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