Air Hunterz Double Shotz

Air Hunterz Double Shotz

Before we go on any more we must state that guns are very dangerous and should be used with great caution - unless they fire foam darts, in that case fire away!  Double Shotz are two foam built hand guns that can fire up to ten metres! That’s the same as the length of a Vulcanodon - that big dopey dinosaur that laid out the foundations for the rest of his dinosaur friends. The pack comes complete with 6 barrels, all with points varying from 10 to 50, 2 Pop Shotz blasters and 8 Zinger Darts so there is nothing that can hide from your aim. To fire all you do is give the guns a squeeze and the air inside ejects the dart, so no trigger needed. Whether you're riding solo or teaming up with some pals, these are great for outdoor and indoor fun. 

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