Franklin BRN980 Touch Screen Brain Partner

Franklin BRN980 Touch Screen Brain Partner

People of all ages can use this device. Players both young and old will be captivated by the fun and educational games available and everyone enjoys the opportunatity to exercise their brain and keep their mind vibrant and alert. There are four areas of the brain which are important and need to be exercised regularly: - Calculation - Logical Reasoning - Visual Memory - Verbal Memory. In as little as 10 minutes each day, you can develop and improve these four areas and see your development on a Score. If the games become too easy, you can advance through 3 difficulty levels. [b]Logical Reasoning:[/b] A variety of shapes are generated on the screen. Try to only touch the two shapes which are an exact match. [b]Numerical Calculation:[/b] A series of equations are displayed. Enter the correct answer as quickly as possible. [b]Visual Memory:[/b] One by one, a sequence of shapes appear on the screen. Afterwards, simply select the correct shapes in the correct order. [b]Verbal Memory:[/b] You are given a set time to memorise a set number of words. Afterwards, simply recall which words were on the screen. See Your Brain Develop And Improve!

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