CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker

CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker

Listening to your iPod while you're doing something active (well more active than sitting on the bus) can be a traumatic experience. Fiddling with buttons and jostling the earphones into some semblance of a comfortable position while you're in transit makes the whole process a bit of a bore for those who can't exercise without a beat. The CyFi Wireless Sports Speaker makes it as easy as can be no matter your outdoor pursuit of choice. The key to the CyFi is its adaptability - as well as being a companion for your cycling commute it's great for camping hiking boating… basically most things ending in 'ing'. It's the perfect thing for outdoor holidays relaxing round the campfire after a hard day's trekking or for playing Duran Duran's Rio while the boom comes overhead (what do you mean you've never seen that video?!). It comes with a clamp for fixing it to the handlebars of your bike so that your downhill descent can be suitably soundtracked as well and the sound quality is impressive. Buttons for changing the track and adjusting the volume mean that you don't have to fiddle with the iPod in your pocket while you're trundling along. Simply plug the dinky audio transmitter into your iPod press play and let the CD-quality CyFi do its thing. The speaker itself is light enough and small enough to pop in your coat pocket and it has a range of 30 feet (which should be plenty even if you find yourself dislocated from it due to tumbling into a ravine or whatever sporting injuries might befall you). You can sync up to 4 CyFi speakers for especially large groups of like-minded people and then pack it all away in the neat little carry pouch. Charging for 2 hours via USB will give you over 6 hours of listening time. So whatever you spend your outdoor time doing make sure you've got the Cy Fi in your pocket to keep the whole experience in tune.

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