Beldray Bladeless Fan

Beldray Bladeless Fan

The Beldray Bladeless Fan is a modern and stylish alternative to the traditional fan. Instead of having blades which chop the air and make a buffeting effect to deliver short bursts of air this Bladeless Fan creates smooth airflow that feels more like a natural and cooling breeze. To create this smooth air effect the fan sucks in the surrounding air then amplifies it to provide a steady air flow. With a motor speed of 6000rpm in the base it's easy to adjust the air speed with the range of different settings depending on your preference. The bladeless design is easy to clean as you don't have to unscrew any grilles to get at the actual fan simply wipe it clean with a cloth. It's also a lot safer than a traditional fan and is ideal if you have children as there are no visible blades where they could potentially damage their fingers. A perfect replacement for a clunky old desk fan the Beldray Bladeless Fan uses modern technology to keep you cool. - A.D.     Features: Creates smooth airflow without blades Easy to clean and safe Oscillation function Motor speed 6000rpm Airflow 9.0 m3/mins Air speed - 90m/s Adjustable speed settings

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